BiasDatabase | 2021 - 2022 | Case study


Bias Database was founded in 2022 by a Massachusetts Army National Guardsman who st\udied Media and Communications at Lasell College and Northeastern University. Blending a lifelong interest in politics with military experience, Bias Database was created as a way to offset the spread of media biases through a politically neutral platform.Animation serves a multitude of functions, ranging from highly practical to purely decorative. In this analysis, we are focusing on thematically decorative animations. These motion graphics started as illustrations made in Procreate, refined in Adobe Illustrator, animated in Adobe After Effects, and exported as Lotties Files.


Create original illustrations and animations to match established branding of BiasDatabase while promoting the idea of the website and extending the ongoing design language.Tools:Procreate (iPad Pro), Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Lottie Files


Transforming an idea from a simple sketch into a vibrant animation is a fascinating journey of creativity and technical finesse. It begins with a concept illustrated in Procreate, where the initial vision takes shape. As the sketch evolves, I would breathe life into it through a series of carefully planned steps and layering steps in Illustrator. The transition involves defining key frames, character movements, and scene dynamics. Through the artful use of animation tools and techniques transforming into a dynamic and engaging visual narrative that captivates audiences and brings the original concept to animated life.Crafting images for motion design is inherently a complex process, demanding meticulous attention to details and nuances. Consequently, tools and features that empower motion designers to enhance image processing speed without compromising efficiency are greatly valued in the design community. Hence, they naturally become focal points for developers working on design software.

Final results:

In the culmination of our animation project for the client, the final process seamlessly integrated Lottie animations, elevating their website to new heights of visual appeal and user engagement. As the finishing touch, I fine-tuned each Lottie animation, ensuring a perfect synergy with the client's brand identity and website aesthetics. The success of the Lottie animations lies not only in their vibrant and dynamic nature but also in their ability to enhance the overall user experience. The animations captivate visitors, offering a delightful and interactive journey through the website's content. The client reported a significant improvement in user retention and interaction metrics, showcasing the tangible impact of our animation work on their digital presence. Through our collaborative efforts, the client's website now stands out as a visually compelling and user-friendly platform, setting a new standard for their online presence.

Additional animations:

During a process such as this I'll find myself also animating provided client assets. In the case of this client I also animated a loading bar for them their logo amongst other provided files. Logos are always complex animations to provide and in this case we decided it was best to not have it loop. The loading bar is a great additional piece that helps let the user know the page is working.