Temporary Forms Statement

Temporary Forms of Continuity in Spaces

Part of the series “Explosions in the Sky” 

Turn of the century French chronophotographer Étienne-Jules Marley was interested in photographic based movement and was pioneering innovative ways to capture the this in people and objects. At the end of his life he developed a smoke machine to record the movement of smoke trails as they passed over various objects. They visually showed how the smoke was interrupted and altered depending on their placement within the smokes path.

Marley’s introduction of objects to interrupt the smoke’s path influenced me as I injected smoke into the landscape to disrupt the visual spaces that they temporarily inhabit. The floating phenomenons fill the void of the urban and natural landscapes. The physical space is altered with real floating colorful clouds of smoke which are allowed to combine with nature to dictate the shape and duration and are captured to show the momentary glimpse of the change in the vacant space. By using crude and readily available resources, I am experimenting with the tension of upward or outward movement against the downward force of gravity, creating the illusion of gravity defiance.

My photographic investigation takes place in and between the states of Alabama and Texas, my home state. The work is influenced by these banal spaces which are chosen for their lack of content. Through the photographic process they are made tangible once again, if only for a small moment of time.