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Unintended Consequences




















Unintended Consequences

A Master of Fine Arts Exhibition
Cora Stafford Gallery

1120 W. Oak St.

Denton TX 76201

Thursday, February 9th 2012

5-7 pm

On Display:
February 5th – 10th 2012

Portraiture 2011 Photography Exhibition




Portraiture, 2011, Photography Exhibition
November 17th – December 14th
Stockton California
Juror: Chuck Mobley

Juror Statement 

Though a large part of our experience of the world is increasingly dematerialized, galleries still exist and artists still produce physical works to fill them. As someone who works in a photography gallery, I get to see a lot of work and have discussions about process and ideas with artists on a regular basis. Having that privilege and experience makes judging a photography contest via a website with a few lo-res jpegs and limited information a very difficult scenario.
Given that circumstance what can be the criteria for judging? Discovering an original application of the contemporary world’s most popular medium can happen but is such a rare occurrence that a search for that kind of originality is often fruitless. The work cannot be seen in person and therefore cannot be judged based on the technical proficiency of the print and presentation. Should the work be approached with an aesthetic yardstick and judgments based on formal elements and composition? Should work that best defines a specific genre be singled out? Are the artist’s ideas, intent, and meaning manife3sted in a compelling visual form? Has the artist explored the boundaries of the medium or at the very least made work that is well conceived and executed (at least enough to translate in jpeg form)?

Perhaps the last question was the first in my mind when judging this specific photography contest. Here’s why: each entry was accompanied by limited or, in many cases, no information (e.g.: artist statement or brief description, titles, dates, medium, etc). Also, it was a blind judging–meaning that artist’s names were not included, each entry was numbered–so I could not research their work on my own. Though artist statements can often be oblique and titles intentionally false or misleading, contextual information, however basic, can be helpful in understanding what an artist has tried to achieve visually. After all, we experience the world not just through our senses or emotionally, but also intellectually with critical thinking.


Exhibiting Artists:

A. M. Clark Arthur Fields
Laura Hartford 
Julie Michelle 
Michael Napper Irby Pace 
Donna Pinckley Sarah Podles 
Angela Regas Kate Shannon Samantha VanDeman 
Kurt Weston

HCP 29th Annual Juried Membership Exhibition

HCP 2011 Juried Membership

HCP (Houston Center for Photography) 29th Annual Juried Membership Exhibition
July 8th – August 21st 2011
Houston, California
Juror: Ariel Shanberg


Juror Statement:

One of HCP’s most diverse exhibitions of the year, the Annual Juried Membership exhibition highlights the photographs of its national and international members. HCP’s members have been an integral part of its mission since 1981.

“The 30 photographers featured in this year’s installment of the Houston Center for Photography‘s Members exhibition have seduced me. Each in their own right, through their own visual language and strategies, through their elocution of their subject matter…made me look longer and deeper into their images, and meditate on the themes and concerns in their work. In successfully grabbing a hold of me, they never fully let go, remaining inscribed on the mind and in the heart, and having instilled new perspectives and fresh understanding.

What binds [them] together, is what I infer as their fervent belief in the power of images, their adherence to the craft of image making, and their strident (and successful) desire to connect with the viewer’s mind and heart. It has been a joy to encounter such images and I hope they will impart on you a similar thrilling sense of discovery. I encourage you to let them grab a hold of you – you’ll be glad they did.”

–Juror, Ariel Shanberg
Executive Director, The Center for Photography at Woodstock

Participating Artists
Susan A. Barnett (New York, NY)
Mary Ellen Bartley (Wainscott, NY)*
Meg Birnbaum (Somerville, MA)
Cynthia Bittenfield (New York, NY)
Tami Bone (Austin, TX)
Mike Callaghan (San Francisco, CA)
Juan Fernandez (Downers Grove, IL)
Matt Gainer (Burbank, CA)
Tim Gruber (Minneapolis, MN)
Daniel Handal (New York, NY)
Sylvia Hardy (Brooklyn, NY)
Kathleen Hawkes (Albuquerque, NM)
Lori Hepner (Pittsburgh, PA)
Joel Hernandez (Houston, TX)
Chuck Ivy (Houston, TX)
Eleanor Owen Kerr (Baton Rouge, LA)
Stefanie Klavens (Boston, MA)
Rosine Kouamen (Houston, TX)
Elizabeth Libert (New York, NY)
Jessamyn Lovell (Albuquerque, NM)
Zach Nader (Lubbock, TX)
Christopher Olivier (Houston, TX)
Irby Pace (Krum, TX)
Maggie Preston (San Francisco, CA)
Ben Ruggiero (Austin, TX)*
Andrew Spear (Columbus, OH)
Motohiro Takeda (Brooklyn, NY)*
Erin Trieb (Austin, TX)
Bill Vaccaro (Chicago, IL)
Valerie Yaklin-Brown (Magnolia, TX)